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Welcome To Ultra Bio-Logics Inc. International Export Division


Stainless Steel UV Water And Air Sterilizers

NovoLogics Ultra Violet Lights Offer a Natural Approach to Purifying Water and Air Without Toxic Chemicals 

Product Information Quality Control Manufacturing Specifications 


Novologics UV's Water Purification Units

Using Novologics UV highly polished 316-L stainless steel units provides stain and bacteria resistant surfaces for processing water to a highly sanitized level, assuring you peace of mind.

Our food grade finish, used for years in Novologics UV systems, features 254nm and 185nm UV energy disinfecting capabilities that is on the water recovery prototype at Johnson Space Center. It is also used in bottling water, in the homes, in pools and spas, and air purification.

Novologics UV units are also used to control odor in homes, schools, work place environments, and the nursery and horticulture plant growers are finding a chemical free way of irrigating their plants to prevent disease.


There is almost a day and night difference between these two processes. UV destroys nearly all micro organisms while pasteurization will only reduce their levels. UV does not alter or change any physical properties of fluids. UV will not, since it is not a chemical, change or alter the taste of fluids/liquids. UV treatment of fluids does not generate by products such as THMs (Trihalomethane) which regulatory government agencies have classified as carcinogenic at certain levels in drinking water.

Novologics UV models are ideal for outside environmental conditions. Our units feature two piece construction; the disinfection chamber and the control panel, both of which are water proof, and can be used in indoor or outdoor situations.

Quality Tested The Novologics UV Unit:

UL listed 316-L stainless steel
High polished inside treatment chamber for more killing power Compact and easily to install
High Pressure Meters to date lamp usage
Cool running ballasts Mounting plates top and bottom
Up flow units allowing better dwell  time Sensors for lamp outage and replace sensor for peek time

Novologics UV units are further designed to disinfect water that has no "visible" contamination. With flow rates of three to seven gpm, potable water is achieved for home, residential/commercial communities, anyplace you want or need pure, clean, safe water or air.










Novologics units are engineered to provide a minimum of  16,000 to a maximum of 60,000  microwatts per second,  per cm2 of 2537 angstrom ultraviolet. 

U.S. Department of Health requirements for ultraviolet purification of water specify a minimum dosage of 16,000 micro-watt-second per cm2 of 2537 angstrom ultraviolet. 

General Information

NovoLogics UV sterilizers are constructed from corrosive resistant stainless steel. 

NovoLogics UV lights come in 14 watt units for home and water garden use through 600 watts for industrial golf course irrigation water and  municipal water applications. We also custom build units to suit your specification. 

NovoLogics UV sterilizers are designed to serve several purposes: to clear pea soup green water thus maintaining clear water quality. To rid water of parasites and pathogenic bacteria. Used in water gardening, backyard fish ponds, golf courses, aquaculture to water purification for drinking, pools and spas. Currently these stainless steel UV light systems are being tested as part of an advanced water purification system for the NASA International Space Station. 

Our units are designed from stainless steel so that nothing toxic is emitted into the water. Unlike plastic or PVC units that can emit vinyl chloride or other toxic material, they are made from 316-L stainless. This stainless is resistant to salt water and other corrosives. Our units are made from heavy duty pipe, not rolled, light weight stainless tubing, thus allowing for higher psi ratings and longer life housings that will not rust. They are polished to a high luster/shine inside the reactor chamber wall for reflection of the UV light thus allowing more killing power.

In the real world of aquaculture, swimming pools, spas, water purification, backyard ponds, and now the enclosed environment of our homes, offices and hospitals, UV controls disease. This non-chemical approach has not only proven to be the right approach for the above mentioned uses, it is opening doors that we thought to be for chemicals only. Getting the results we want for the food we eat to the water we drink, all without chemicals.

A bright new world ahead with the technology of Bio-Logics UV is on the cutting edge of this technology and has developed UV units for all types of uses. We remain committed to giving you the best value without cutting quality. This promise is our bond. So for affordable technology, remember you can always rely on NovoLogics UV Systems.

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